Jiaxun HE

  • Professor

    Jiaxun  He, Ph.D. (Sun Yat-Sen University), is Professor of marketing,  management and innovation, Executive Vice Dean of ECNU-UH Joint  Translational Science and Technology Research Institute, Chinese Dean of  Asia Europe Business School, and was once the Deputy Director of  Faculty of Economics and Management (2015.12-2020.7) at East China  Normal University. He is also the founder and director of Institute for  Nation(al) Branding Strategy. He owned a distinction of being called the  New Century Excellent Talent in University by Ministry of Education of  China (2008-2011), and was honored the title of Distinguished Visiting  Professor of Marketing at the University of North Carolina at Chapel  Hill (2011-2012). His research focuses on global branding and nation  branding, cross-cultural management, and business strategy in emerging  markets. His publications have appeared in many marketing and business  journals, including Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management, International Marketing Review, Frontiers of Business Research in China, Nankai Business Review International, and Computers in Human Behavior, among others. He is the co-editor of Brand Management in Emerging Markets: Theories and Practices (IGI Global, 2014).