Students Testimonials

Students Testimonials

Students Testimonials


MIB 2019, Italian

The experience at AEBS has been very great so far. The courses provide good knowledge and insights in the fields of management and digital marketing, and professors often share their experiences to give students not only the basics of the theory, but tangible facts, that enrich lectures and help students understanding the implications and applications of theory in real working life situations.

I am very satisfied with the initiatives offered by AEBS & the partner EMLyon Business School. The two universities often propose lectures, meetings, webinars with personalities from the major leading companies of various sectors, providing students the possibility to broaden their visions, create a useful network of contacts and occasions for job interviews.

I can say I am happy of the choice I made, and positive that, at the end of this experience, I will gain the skills required to shape a young entrepreneur and an early maker.

Ely AJIB, 

MIB 2019, French

Across a spectrum of experience and skill development to strengthen a global business expertise. The Asia Europe Business School offered me a clear vision on what are the major challenges to undertake as an entrepreneur and project builder.

Min ZHAO, 

MIB 2019, American

In my first year of MIB, I was surprised at how diverse the program is as many of the students and professors come from different parts of the world. The program often hosted open lectures by business professionals to share their ideas. These events gave me more insight about today's business world and great opportunities for networking.

Living in Shanghai was certainly a highlight of this program since it was so different from my life in NYC. Despite both of them being metropolitan areas, Shanghai offered a lifestyle with much more innovative gadgets and convenient services. It was certainly an unforgettable experience!

Antonio LU, 

MIB 2019, Italian

Once I finished my Bachelor's Degree in Italy I convinced myself to pursue my Masters in China, at that time I was accepted in Beijing Normal University but I chose Shanghai over Beijing, and at the end I chose a Double Degree program over a single Degree, looking back I would say I made the right choice.

Within the past year, AEBS provided access to many industry's leaders’ talks, conferences and in-company projects, overall the academic staff is really welcoming and helpful. At the same time I am also enrolled as a student in emlyon business school where I have access to the job teaser platform, a very useful resource to explore.

It is indeed, a very intense program with a lot of classes, without any vacation during the first year but feasible. I plan to remain in Shanghai after graduation, explore more, meet new people and deepen my network. I cannot wait to go back to Shanghai and start my second year!