Security and Safety

In order to maintain an excellent study environment at AEBS, prevent various accidents, protect the safety of international students, and ensure that students can finish their courses successfully, we have drawn up the following obligations in accordance with Chinese laws, rules and university regulations.

  • Observe Chinese laws, rules and AEBS regulations; respect Chinese courtesy, manners and customs.

  • Apply for, change, and extend the Residence Permit in accordance with regulations determined by the Administrative Department of the Entry and Exit of Aliens, Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

  • International students who live off campus must register at both the local police station and the ECNU International Students Office and must be responsible for his/her own safety.

  • High-power electric appliances, such as electric stoves are not allowed to be used in the dormitory to prevent fire accidents. Flammable, explosive, and virulent substances are prohibited in the dormitory and attention should be paid to fire prevention.

  • It is forbidden to damage, reassemble or change the dormitory's equipment and the protection of the fire facilities. This is each student's responsibility.

  • Any activity that either breaks the law or AEBS regulations are prohibited. Subleasing and transferring occupancy of dormitory rooms is forbidden. Visitors are not permitted to stay overnight in the dormitory.

  • Lock the room and close the windows before you leave the room. Do not give your keys to others.

  • Take care of your belongings and deposit your cash in the bank. Do not keep valuables in public places such as classrooms or the library.

  • It is safe to exchange foreign currency at the bank. It is illegal to exchange foreign currency in any place other than banks or official government offices.

  • Be respectfully quiet and keep clean in the library, teaching areas, and all areas in general. Noises and loud music that may disturb others are not allowed. No smoking in the classroom.

  • Please take legal taxis.

  • Drive safely and responsibly.

  • No buying or driving motor vehicles without license plates. No driving without a driver's license or after drinking alcohol. No speeding.

  • No fireworks in the dormitory, on campus or in districts.

  • No swimming in unsafe places such as rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Do not go to dangerous places.

  • No gambling, excessive drinking or fighting.

  • No prostitution, drug use or drug trafficking.