Students Testimonials


BBA 2021, Zambia

I joined AEBS in September 2021. I chose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at AEBS because of the various academic paths that they offer. 

One of the most interesting ones is the double degree program where I have an opportunity to go to France for the last two years of my studies. 

Studying at AEBS for the last six months has been amazing. I have had so many amazing experiences here. “I particularly love the academic events that the school organises for us to attend. I enjoyed so much the 1-day innovation expedition to Zhangjiang high tech park in Pudong, Shanghai. Such events are a wonderful opportunity for us to learn about how real local companies and startups work in the real world. These opportunities also give us opportunities for make connections for internships and employment after graduation.

I also love that AEBS gives each student two mentors. An academic mentor who guides students through the academic journey and an enterprise mentor who helps students to learn about business in the real world and help them find internships in their companies. There is a lot more that AEBS offers it’s students but these were some of the things I like the most about my studies there. 


BBA 2021,North Korea

After studying for one semestermatch at AEBS, I realized that AEBS is a great place to build up your career plan and base knowledge. If you ask me to describe AEBS in one word, the word will be Opportunity. There is a quote when opportunity presents it self don't be afraid to go after it. As a AEBS student, I can not say that I never had the oppormatchtunity because AEBS will always provide you opportunities which will bring you further in life.


BBA 2020, Turkey

As an undergraduate student and International Students Representative at AEBS, I could confidently state that the extra support and the courage provided by all staff members and the professors, regardless of the pandemic, made me feel grateful for studying at AEBS. Since our program consists of 2 years in Shanghai and 2 years in France, I’m sure the years and the times that will be spent at ECNU x AEBS Program will help me to grow personally and professionally in the business world even more. It’s a perfect fit for those who are looking for cross-border experiences and becoming global citizens. I am so happy to be a student of ECNU and EmLyon Business School.


BBA 2019, Spain

I joined the AEBS BBA program of EMLYON x ECNU in September of 2019. If I say I was always a 100% sure about my decision I would be lying, before moving to China I was very nervous because it would be a huge change in my life.

However when the classes started and I got to meet all my classmates and teachers, I saw there was nothing to be worried about. From the very first moment I felt very welcome here, I felt that I was in the right place and that I had made the right decision.

Since I moved to Shanghai my Chinese has improved a lot, to a level I would have never imagined I would reach, thanks to the course provided by the university. We also have a variety of different courses in which we learn theory as well as how to apply this theory in real life scenarios.

It is also worth mentioning that in some courses we are mixed with Chinese students. I am very glad about this because now I also have local friends that show me places I have never heard about!

Finally I can only state, that it has been a very big opportunity for me and that I feel very lucky to be here.


BBA 2019, Ecuador

My name is Fabiana. I’m freshman in AEBS. I chose this program because of the international exposure you can get. In the class we meet students for many countries. This is an enrichment place that combines with classes show us the best of Eastern and Western culture. It is also because this happens in Shanghai that is a vibrant metrópoli full of opportunities. You will really learn how business are in China.


BBA 2018,Indonesia

I am enjoying my bachelor’s study in AEBS.

The school has become the place for me to meet people. Not just peers, but also professionals and especially entrepreneurs who is willing to share their rich experience.

AEBS has undoubtedly made me a better presenter too. It has provided me with dozens of opportunities to pitch my ideas live. The journey has definitely helped me found my confidence and importantly, groomed me to be an entrepreneur.


BBA 2018, Malaysia

Studying Bachelor in Business Administration in AEBS was truly a unique experience for me.

As a student that who is interested in starting their own business, AEBS provides lots of support and useful knowledge in my learning journey including project mentor.

Other than that, by studying in the 2nd largest city in china I get to expose to the real business world and it was truly a memorable experience for me.