Convening of Strategic Advance Conference on Online Education by Asia Europe Business School


On June 3 2016, Asia Europe Business School held a Strategic Advance Meeting on Online Education at A1712 of Science Building, ECNU. Doctor Daniel Evans, Chief Innovation Officer of emlyon business school and 4 program directors of AEBS discussed application and future of online education, as well as conducted a thorough exchange on online education’s implementation into AEBS.

Doctor Daniel Evans introduced the significance of using innovative technology for teaching innovation. The traditional face-to-face instruction by teachers cannot maximize students' learning efficiency, however, the use of online education with innovation technology can provide more targeted services like distance learning, virtual tutoring and synchronous update learning on a broader scale, making the whole period of learning more personalized.

Professor HE Jiaxun, Chinese dean of AEBS, firstly thanked Daniel Evans and expressed approval of importance for technology to change classroom. The nature of AEBS innovation experiment base would stand out and provide students a better learning experience with online education implanted into teaching system of AEBS. At the same time, innovation science and technology would also help teachers improve teaching effect and achieve better teaching feedback.

During the conference, Doctor Daniel Evans and professors spread a discussion on use of innovative classroom technologies, online education into AEBS teaching system, etc. Aiming at different learning characteristics between Chinese students and western students mentioned by attended professors and to meet various needs such as encouraging critical thinking, Doctor Daniel Evans pointedly analyzed and recommended appropriate innovative teaching tools for classroom.