Crossing the World, Meeting with AEBS! Students from 64 Countries Celebrate the Year of Loong in China.



In the autumn of 2023, the Asia Europe Business School of East China Normal University (AEBS) welcomed 82 new international students. As of the 2023-2024 academic year, the school's international students have come from 64 countries on six continents (including 27 "the Belt and Road" countries), accounting for 58% of the total.

AEBS and the Shanghai International School of Chief Technology Officer jointly establish the ECNU Sci-Tech Driven Business Association. AEBS implements all English teaching, adheres to the educational philosophy of a world-class business school, takes actively promoting the integration of Eastern and Western civilizations, science and technology and commerce in the new century as its vision, takes cultivating entrepreneurs and cross-border innovation talents in science, technology and business under the "the Belt and Road Initiative" as its mission, takes "creativity, co-creation, and cause-related responsibility" as its values, integrates the comprehensive advantages of East China Normal University and the business education background of Emlyon Business School in France, and focuses on cultivating students' innovation ability and international management leadership in the global business environment.

The 82 new international students enrolled in the 2023-2024 academic year include undergraduate and postgraduate students (including exchange and further education students) from 35 countries and regions around the world, with students from across five continents. Even some people travel thousands of miles across half the world to China, to Shanghai, to Asia and Europe! Now let's check the files of this year's new international students and listen to the voices around the world together


Welcome to AEBS

Add 10 new countries of origin!

In the academic year 2023-2024, the number of international students at Asia Europe Business School ranked first by major. Among them, there are a total of 62 new international students pursuing undergraduate programs in Business Administration, from 26 countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, and Germany.


There is a total of 20 new international students studying for the master's degree in international business (global management and China research) from 16 countries, including the United States, Austria, Botswana and France.

In the 2023-2024 academic year, there will be 10 new source countries, including Argentina, Peru, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Botswana, Nigeria, Jordan, Tanzania, and Austria. As of now, the total number of Asian and European countries of origin has reached 64!

The 82 freshmen enrolled this year came from 35 countries, including 21 countries along the "the Belt and Road"! They are Mongolia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Morocco, the Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Argentina, South Korea, New Zealand, Peru, Vietnam, Austria, Botswana, Nigeria and Tanzania.

The New Voice of Asia and Europe: With a heart set in motion, one can always reach

We interviewed several new students of 2023 cohort, where do they come from? Why did you choose to come to AEBS? What are your expectations for a brand-new life in China in the coming year? The students shared their thoughts and aspirations with us during their narration. Let's get to know each other from their stories.

Alexander Caven Wijoyo

From Indonesia

Self evaluation: Thorough investigation, 

overwhelming sense of responsibility


Q1: What attracted you to study business at Asia Europe Business School?

I have heard about the advantages of Asia Europe Business School, including its facilities, joint teaching programs with Emlyon Business School, and the many internship opportunities it can provide us with. I believe this will help me gain more experience in the work field and provide valuable courses to help me achieve my future goals.

Ekaterina Svetnaia

From Russia

Self evaluation: able to speak kindly, enthusiastic and outgoing


Because my previous major was International Business and World Politics, I had in-depth research on Chinese language and Sino Russian relations. In addition, the Asia Europe Business School is renowned for cultivating students' innovative spirit and entrepreneurial management skills in the international business environment. So I chose to come here!

Eing Gaik Chin

From Malaysia

Self evaluation: Follow your dreams in an orderly manner


The Asia Europe Business School integrates the teaching models and business strategies of China and France. I believe that education across Asia and Europe can help me adapt to the reality and diversity of the business world. In addition, the school has also assigned business leaders from well-known domestic and foreign enterprises as mentors to each student, which is very attractive to me. I believe I can learn more from it.

Ndipo Mongwa

From Botswana

Self evaluation: The aspiration of Qingjin is to practice and achieve great success


At the Asia Europe Business School, the Master of International Business is an exciting and dynamic course. It will enable me to have the tools to solve important practical problems in this era of globalization and the parallel development of international trade, which will also help me achieve the goal and mission of solving most of the economic problems of my motherland, Botswana.

Romain Koehl

From France

Self evaluation: With the heart moving towards it,

one must be able to achieve it


Q2: Do you have any expectations for your new life in China?

At every stage of my life, I can feel the influence of Asian countries on me. I was originally scheduled to study in Beijing at the beginning of 2020, but the sudden outbreak of the epidemic disrupted my plan, so I missed the opportunity to study in China at that time; Now I have the opportunity to come to China again to study, so the Asia Europe Business School is my choice without hesitation.

Q3: What do you hope to learn or develop at AEBS?

During my studies at the Asia Europe Business School, I hope to develop a range of employment skills. These skills include knowledge and application in professional fields, as well as soft skills related to communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. Through learning and practice, I hope to become a valuable individual that society needs.

Meanwhile, I hope to cultivate more confidence, independence, and a sense of responsibility at the Asia Europe Business School. I think this is a very important part of my growth process, as it will help me better cope with various challenges in life. Here, I will be exposed to new academic and social environments, which is also an excellent opportunity for me to cultivate confidence and independent thinking.

I also look forward to enjoying more unknowns. The Asia Europe Business School is a vibrant and diverse place, and I hope to participate in a variety of activities. I believe these opportunities will enrich my experience and help me grow in all aspects.


                                                                                     ——Eing Gaik Chin

                                                                                            From Malaysia

My goal is to study hard at the Asia Europe Business School, acquire rich knowledge and skills, engage in international business at a professional level, and become an international public relations supervisor. At the end of my Master's program in International Business, I hope to have a better understanding of project management, international trade, and production supply, as well as the ability to analyze international business market issues using more knowledge of international trade technology, including adapting to changes in trade policies and engaging in different economic activities. After gaining a general understanding of the theories of outward foreign direct investment and international trade in developing countries, in my final year on campus, I will present all of my knowledge in research papers.

                                                                                    ——Ndipo Mongwa

                                                                                          From Botswana

As a mixed race student from France and Germany, I am very interested in China Europe relations and have become increasingly familiar with China, especially Shanghai, during my travels. I graduated from physics and mathematics, but I have been interested in business since I was young, especially international business. I hope to master statistics, business strategy, leadership skills, teamwork, cross-cultural skills, and improve my Mandarin proficiency during my learning journey at AEBS. I look forward to rich business learning and practical experience in the future, and I believe that these will become valuable assets for my development on the path of combining physics technology with business.

                                                                             ——Delia Louise Wassen

                                                                                From Germany/France

Q4: What are the research directions that interest you?

-Application aspects of new technologies

-Chinese Marketing Trends and New Era Marketing Strategies

-Luxury Industry Marketing Fashion Industry

-The increasingly popular creative industry recently

-The current political situation (as it has a significant impact on foreign trade activities)

-China's supply chain and logistics operation process

-The Communication and Development of Business and Psychology

Q5: What are the interests and hobbies of this group of Asian and European international students?


From sports and music, to fashion and art, there are also many "slashes" youths among this group of Asian and European international students!

Message from senior international students:

Seize opportunities in Asia and Europe, pursue oneself


2019 Business Administration (China-France  Innovative Experimental Class)

From Malaysia

Currently working as an investment analyst at a certain crypto venture capital company


We have invited Eujin from the 2019 BBA project to share his insights with new members of the AEBS family. Currently, he works as an investment analyst at a cryptocurrency venture capital company. When it comes to the reason why I chose Asia Europe Business School four years ago, the answer is: "The dual degree global business administration undergraduate program allowed me to study in Shanghai and Paris, which is a good opportunity to experience different cultures. I believe this is crucial for my future career development. In addition, the internship semester allows me to have some work experience before working full-time, which will be an advantage for job seekers." He said that studying in Shanghai has opened his eyes because he can be exposed to the best business practices in various fields in daily life, especially China's e-commerce leading other countries for several years. What Eujin wants to say most to his younger students is that opportunities are available anytime, anywhere, and all you need to do is pay attention to your behavior and believe that you are acting for your best interests. When the right time comes, firmly grasp it.

Looking forward to you from all over the world

In China, at East China Normal University, in the AEBS family

With full enthusiasm and posture

To shine brightly in the most beautiful years

Make new progress in the the Year of the Loong in China

Write a new chapter in life!