2023 Innovative Leadership | Ruby Lim: Pursuing a Dream of the Future


Since its establishment, AEBS has always adhered to the core values of "innovation changes the world" and is committed to cultivating outstanding talents with innovative spirit and innovative leadership in the new era. After selection and evaluation, we have identified the winners of the 2023 Innovation Leadership Award. They have achieved remarkable results in their respective fields with outstanding innovative spirit and leadership abilities. To this end, the school has launched a series of "Innovative Leadership " tweets, allowing us to approach these outstanding award-winning students, learn from them, and strive together with the goal of "innovation and innovative leadership"! At the same time, wish them to become outstanding leaders for the future!


 Ruby Lim

2021 BBA (Bachelor Degree Program of Business Administration) Student 

Winner of the ECNU Excellent International Student Scholarship 

(Degree Award)

Hello everyone! I am a BBA’21 student, Ruby Lim. I am from Singapore.

Regarding innovation and leadership, I participated in a social entrepreneurship competition organized by the Expatriate Center in the summer of 2023. In this competition, my team and I proposed an entrepreneurial idea called "THE OASIS" to improve people's physical and mental health by designing an app for practicing meditation and positive affirmations. Our team started planning our business proposal in July last year. After two months of research and preparation, I presented the business pitch to the judges and we were honoured to have won first place in the competition. We have also received a generous amount of prize money.


Not only was this a huge recognition of our efforts, but it also gave us a great opportunity to continue developing our idea under the guidance of an outstanding entrepreneur. This experience has honed my leadership skills and also developed my decision-making skills.

Moreover, Asia Europe Business School started planning for our own TEDx event from April 2023, and I am part of the curation team. Throughout the process, I managed to find and connect with two outstanding speakers. The first is Ms Wu Ran, who specializes in meditation research and is also a doctor herself. Her expertise reveals the power of inner peace through mindfulness. Another speaker is the excellent calligrapher Ms Wang Kai. Her calligraphy transcends words and fully demonstrates the beauty of visual narrative. Working with these two teachers, as well as other team members, taught me the value of diversity and how to craft thought-provoking speeches that resonate with our audience.


At the beginning of the fall semester of 2023, I was in charge of ECNU International Student Union’s Employment and Entrepreneurship Department. This role made me responsible for planning and organizing a series of activities related to student employment and entrepreneurship. Under my leadership, we successfully organized a visit to Tesla, providing students with the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the operations of this well-known company. In addition, our department also organized alumni sharing sessions and the student entrepreneurship forum, aiming to stimulate students' interest in entrepreneurship and provide them with a platform to connect with successful entrepreneurs and incubators.


In addition, I participated in the AEBS Student Orientation in October and was one of the performers. Singing and playing instruments are my hobbies. In the future, we can perhaps create an AEBS music club. We can jointly plan and present a variety of songs and styles, providing interested students with an opportunity to showcase their musical talent and passion.

Lastly, at the end of 2023, I was also honoured to receive the ECNU Excellent International Student Scholarship (Degree Award). Regarding my future plans, I hope to further my study overseas at a top university. Studying in China gave me a cross-cultural experience as I have met many friends from different countries and cities. This experience not only broadened my horizons but has also allowed me to better adapt to different cultural environments and enhanced my communication skills.

I certainly believe this will be of great help to me for further study in the future. Last but not least, I would like to thank the school again for presenting this award to me.