Preeminence and Progress! Work Review(2023) of AEBS Sci-Tech Driven Business Consortium




    The year of 2023 is the end of the past  

  The year of 2024 marks a brand new departure !  

Asia Europe Business School focuses on interdisciplinary construction of "Sci-Tech Driven Business Discipines" Adhering to the "pioneering" spirit together with the CTO School (Sci-Tech Driven Business Consortium), we will continue to make steady progress in 2024. Moving forward to 2024, let's summarize the progress made by the school over the past year with 8 key words

     01  Great Educational Practitioner

Great Educational Practitioner of Sci-Tech Driven Business Disciplines Construction and Talents Cultivation

the School continues to carry out interdisciplinary construction of “Sci-Tech Driven Business”, changing the value and path of traditional business and management disciplines, and has received recognition and support from domestic and foreign academic communities. The school has invited renowned experts and scholars, including academicians from multiple countries, in various activities and courses to showcase the character of a "great educational practitioner" and jointly explore the new mission of talent development under the technological revolution.


The "2023 Global CTO Conference of Sci-Tech Driven Business" and The 3rd "Technology Innovation & Business Education Forum and Workshop for Experts in Excellent Practices"微信图片_20240124164307.png

The 3rd(2023)Sci&Tech Driven Business Discipline and Preeminent Sci&Tech Innovation Education Forum was successfully held during the 72nd Anniversary of East China Normal University 

Students studied the new books "Quantum Thinking" and "Laozi Thinking" published by Academician Qian Xuhong, President of East China Normal University, to cultivate students to strive for a thinking realm and height that integrates nature and social sciences, and spans East and West.

Laozi's Thinking and Quantum Thinking

New Works written by Academician Qian Xuhong, President of East China Normal University


"Quantum Thinking and Sci-Tech Innovation Strategy Source" MEM Reading and Sharing Meeting

Implementation of the spirit of "Great Educational Practitioner",The school has launched the Outstanding Academic Team and Students Funding Program (referred to as the "Mentorship Program").


 Enterprise Mentor Meeting was Successfully Held

 02  Great Strategy 


The Opening Ceremony for "Neo Bay" Innovation & Leadership Advanced Program in September


In March 2023, Shanghai issued the "Plan for Promoting the Construction of the Neo Bay-Sci&Tech Innovation Strategy Source Functional Zone". In September, with the support and guidance of the Minhang District -Science and Technology Commission, "Neo Bay" Innovation & Leadership Advanced Program was successfully completed. The school continues to promote industry-education research cooperation, improve the service level of various bases and platforms, and contribute to building a future industrial innovation highland for "Neo Bay" and cultivating world-class scientific and technological innovation talents.

ECNU/AEBS Overseas Office was established in Lyon, France. On November 30th, the unveiling ceremony of the ECNU Lyon Office was held in France. The ECNU Lyon Office is situated on the former site of the Institut Franco-Chinois, the century-old witness of Sino-French exchanges, in the Fourvière.


Faculty Leaders and Academic Team of AEBS visited France in November. The Establishment of AEBS Lyon Office and Promoting the "2028 Strategy"


The 5th Sino-French Academic Workshop on Business Research Frontiers,hosted by East China Normal University, Emlyon Business School, and Asia Europe Business School, was also successfully held during this visiting.

03  Great Influence

In 2023, the School has formed a leading trend in the cross disciplinary research and construction of "Sci-Tech Driven Business Disciplines" in China. Through multiple international academic forums and various industry education integration activities, it has shared the concept of cultivating innovative talents with the academic community and industry in multiple aspects and across fields. The school's influence in the cross-disciplinary field of sci-tech driven business has been significantly expanded. On April 15-16, more than a thousand professors, experts and students from both domestic and abroad attended the 7th Thought Leaders' Conference of Marketing Science and lnnovation (MSI 2023) to deeply analyze, explore and exchange ideas of 4 major themes:artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and business innovation. In the end of this year, the“ Global CTO Conference of Sci-Tech Driven Business" was held on December 23, and also attracted over 10000 online and offline attention.


A broad consensus has been formed on "Technology Business"

Media coverage of the grand event of the 7th MSI International Summit Forum in 2023

On October 8th, 2023, the annual meeting of Chinese Academy of Management-Organizational and Strategic Management Committee was successfully held in Antai College of Economics & Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Professor He Jiaxun was invited to deliver a keynote speech titled "Enhancing Academic Leadership in Chinese Management Research: Reflections on the Five Paths".


Assistant Professor Chen Zhong published two papers in 24 globally recognized UTD top international business journals; In November, Professor He Jiaxun's achievements won the second prize of the 16th Excellent Achievements in Philosophy and Social Sciences in Shanghai.

04  Great Trend 

With the great trend of AI technology and its rapid expansion in various industries, the school has established the "Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Science Research Center" on April 15, 2023, based on the establishment of AI Business (undergraduate specialization) in January 2020; On December 23, the school released a report on the development of artificial intelligence industry technology in Shanghai and Minhang District at the first Global CTO Technology and Business Conference in 2023.


What are the comments of 9 professors from East China Normal University on ChatGPT?


The unveiling ceremony of the "Center for Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Science" at Shanghai International School of Technology Officer

The AI-Based Innovation Program of MEM press conference and the opening ceremony of the MEM Sci-Tech Innovation Summer Camp

05  Great Breakthrough 

In order to promote the development and construction of sci- tech innovation enterprises in the country and local regions, and advance the cultivation of sci-tech innovation talents through linkage with enterprises, the school has established the "Sci-Tech Industry Excellent Practice Knowledge (Case) Research Center", focusing on the "3+X" industry, creating a knowledge base of “Sci-Tech Driven Business” practice cases, and promoting talent cultivation and industry-education integration through conducting case studies of sci-tech innovation enterprise cooperation. In 2023, MEM students of CTO School won awards in multiple municipal and national competitions, representing a new breakthrough in excellent education in the MEM program of CTO School and reflecting the school's social responsibility.


"Sci-Tech Industry Excellent Practice Knowledge (Case) Research Center" has been officially unveiled


MEM students won first prize in the 2023 (8th) National Higher Education Project Management Competition and International Project Management Competition


MEM Students Won the Top Three Awards in the 7th Shanghai Engineering Management Innovation Competition



MEM students has been awarded the 3rd Prize in China Postrgraduate FinTech Innovation Competition / Competing with Tsinghua and Peking University on the same stage, MEM students won second prize in the 2nd China Engineering Management Case Competition for Graduate Students

Professor He Jiaxun presided over the approval of the "China Science and Technology Innovation" themed case by China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center. His team won the award and was selected as one of the "100 Excellent Management Cases (Micro Cases) in China".


The proportion of international students in AEBS reached 58%, with students from 64 countries across six continents worldwide. Among them, 53% of the international students are come from 27 countries along the “Belt and Road” Countries.


06  Great Ecology 

In 2023, the integration of industry and education in the School  continued to upgrade, with the addition of 6 industry and education integration bases and 1 full chain ecological service platform. At present, the school has established nearly 30 strategic cooperation bases and 2 full chain ecological service platforms with internal and external cooperation units. Through platform construction, cross disciplinary research among teachers and students, and collaborative research among teachers and students, the functions of the base are realized, and various operational management of the base is strengthened, shaping the thinking, ability, and pattern of technology and innovation management leaders. On this basis, the school has formed a system of executive education projects directly positioned at the cultivation of CTO talents in strategic emerging industries, covering industries such as artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, biopharmaceuticals, and beauty and health.


6 industry education integration bases and 1 Service Platform for Sci-tech Innovation Eco-Chain System have been added this year


The opening ceremony of the second phase of CTO Innovation Leadership Advanced Program in Beauty and Wellness Industry 


On December 17th, the establishment conference of the Yangtze River Delta Business Administration Discipline Alliance was successfully held at Zhejiang Gongshang University. Professor He Jiaxun introduced the experience of CTO School in establishing the Sci-tech Driven Business Disciplines at the conference, and hoped to contribute to the development of disciplines nationwide through  the alliance.

07  Great Practice 

As the world's 1st degree program for Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), MEM program (East China Normal University) continuously strengthens the practical course system for CTO talent cultivation. In 2023, it launched practical courses and projects such as "MEM Experience Course", "MEM Science and Technology Innovation Expert Open Class", MEM Technology-Innovation Enterprise Practical Classroom, "MEM-TEBI Industry Salon", " MEM World Famous University Study Tour", "Science, Technology and Humanities-Study Trip to France ", etc. MEM students also won important awards in multiple municipal and national competitions.


ECNU Sci-Tech Driven Business Consortium -Study Trip to France 



MEM Technology-Innovation Enterprise Practical Classroom


MEM World Famous University Study Tour


MEM Science and Technology Innovation Expert Open Class

On December 23rd, the 2024 New Year Gala & Annual Awards Ceremony, co-organized by Asia Europe Business School and the ECNU-Shanghai International School of Chief Technology Officer (Sci-Tech Driven Business Consortium), was held in Minhang Campus of East China Normal University. This new year gala showcased the school’s spirit of pursuing innovation and striving for excellence through a variety of performances, inspiring everyone's longing and pursuit for a better future. At the same time, it also reviewed the achievements of the school in the past year, awarded individuals and enterprises with outstanding performance in 2023 (such as “Annual Innovative Leadership Award”), and looked forward to the development in the coming year.


08  Great Responsibility

In 2023, the school maintained its original aspiration in terms of social responsibility. From October 16th to 23rd, a 7-day "Special Training Course on Enhancing the Regional Economic Development Capability of Leaders in Xundian County" has been held. Through organizing special teaching, on-site visits and discussions, expert answers to practical problems, and exchange discussions, the course empowers government officials, enterprise managers, and industrial park leaders in Xundian, Yunnan, and enhances their innovative leadership. In September, as an important practice for East China Normal University to effectively empower communities and support technological innovation, the "Big Zero Bay" Innovation Leadership Advanced Program was also successfully completed.