2024 New Year Gala & Annual Awards Ceremony AEBS X CTO School




On December 23rd, the 2024 New Year Gala & Annual Awards Ceremony, co-organized by Asia Europe Business School and the ECNU-Shanghai International School of Chief Technology Officer(Sci-Tech Driven Business Consortium), was held in Minhang Campus of East China Normal University. This new year gala showcased the school’s spirit of pursuing innovation and striving for excellence through a variety of performances, inspiring everyone's longing and pursuit for a better future. At the same time, it also reviewed the achievements of the school in the past year, awarded individuals and enterprises with outstanding performance in 2023, and looked forward to the development in the coming year. Faculty leaders, experts, professors and guests from relevant functional departments of East China Normal University, and peer universities or Institutions were invited to witness this grand event.


He Jiaxun,  Chinese Dean of Asia Europe Business School and Executive Dean of Shanghai International School of Chief Technology Officer(CTO School), stated that in the past year, Asia Europe Business School and CTO School have worked together to create Sci-tech Driven Business Disciplines and Sci-tech Driven Business  Consortium, making significant contributions in cultivating outstanding talents and shaping innovative leadership. He encouraged, "Time flies, we have experienced lots of wonderful things in the past year. Today, we are standing on the new stage side by side. The future has arrived. I will give the stage to all students to carry forward the unique style of the younger generation." Wang Hua, the French Dean of Asia Europe Business School said that,“this is a good opportunity to show students' multi-talents and innovative spirit, as well as to promote cultural exchanges and cooperation. Hope all of you enjoy the stage and wish you a happy New Year!”


The gala kicked off in the energetic opening dance "Feel My Rhythm". The melody and cheerful dance showcase the talents of students and the lively atmosphere of campus life. The audience quickly integrated into the joyful atmosphere of the party, with thunderous applause. Subsequently, performances such as the dance "Unholy+Solo", the songs "Completely Feeling Dreamer" and "The Only Flower in the World", and the guitar solo "Untitled" carefully prepared by students from both schools made their debut.


Faculty staff and students from AEBS  vividly demonstrated the myriad aspects of study life through their performances. The dances "Funk Rave," "My Style Show," and "Electric Dance" are colorful and bring a visual feast to everyone amidst the interplay of light and shadow; The poem recitation "I Love Writing Essays" is humorous and witty. The students from CTO Advanced Class bring the ups and downs of study life to the forefront, interpreting their yearning for knowledge and optimism towards life; The musical drama "Tiny Times" is unforgettable, with a flavor of youth vividly displayed in every frown and smile; The Chinese-pop song "Xu Jin Huan", Chinese traditional folk-song "Bu Bu Kao", and "Love Singer" showcase the elegance and strength of the students with beautiful voices.





More than 30 faculty administrators,professors and students from both schools have won awards in various categories, including the 2023 Innovative Leadership Award, the Annual AEBS Excellent Mentor Award, the Annual Outstanding Contribution Award for Industry-Education Integration, and 2023 Most Popular Teacher Award. The attending leaders and guests presented awards to the awardee and representatives with warm applause.







Tonight, is the beginning of a new day, what we need to embrace is the culture that we all possess. This is an unforgettable night, and we will step on the new journey. 2024 is the Year of the Dragon,which symbolizes strength, prosperity, and success in traditional Chinese culture. We will continue to achieve brilliant achievements in the new year!