The Establishment of AEBS Lyon Office and Promoting the "2028 Strategy"


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On December 1st. Mei Bing, Chair of the University Coucil, Wujian Assistant Principal and Executive Vice Dean of the Graduate School, Du Zhenyu,Director of International Cooperation & Exchange Division and He Jiaxun, Chinese Dean of Asia Europe Business School, as well as relevant department leaders and faculty members of Asia Europe Business School, visited Emlyon Business School. Isabelle HUAULT, President of Emlyon Business School, Nicolas PEJOUT, Executive Board Member, Head of Strategy & Development and William Hua Wang, Dean of Emlyon Business School Asia and French Dean of Asia Europe Business School met with the delegation. Both sides exchanged views on the latest transformation and development strategies, and had in-depth discussions on the new development goals and paths of the Asia Europe Business School jointly built by the two parts. Both sides agreed to continue strengthening exchanges between Chinese and French scholars and establishing innovative teaching projects that meet the current needs of social transformation.

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The ECNU delegation visited Nouvel Institut Franco-Chinois and held discussions and exchanges with Alain Labat, the vice chairman of the institution. The two sides discussed the planning of a series of celebration activities to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France in 2024. The delegation also attended the Nouvel Institut Franco-Chinois -Economic Forum. At the same time, the unveiling ceremony of the ECNU Lyon Office was held during the forum. The renewal of the agreement between the two parties and the establishment of the ECNU Lyon Office will further promote exchanges and cooperation between China and France. The Lyon Office will serve as an office and academic activity venue for teachers and students who come to Lyon for exchanges and will also serve the recruitment, employment, high-end training, and corporate visits of international students from the Asia Europe Business School.

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On the afternoon of December 1st, the 5th Sino-French Academic Workshop on Business Research Frontiers,hosted by East China Normal University, Emlyon Business School, and Asia Europe Business School,was successfully held. Ms. Mei Bing, stated in her speech that the Lyon Office was successfully unveiled at the 3rd Nouvel Institut Franco-Chinois Economic Forum, paving the way for continuing to run Asia Europe Business School well and promoting the development of Sci&tech Driven Business Disciplines talents on a new platform. Looking towards the future, in the new era where artificial intelligence has a huge impact on social economy and higher education, the development of Asia Europe Business Schools requires the joint efforts of China and France. Taking the systematic promotion of talent cultivation in Sci&tech Driven Business Disciplines as an opportunity, we will resolutely increase resource investment and promote the long-term sustainable development of Asia Europe Business Schools.

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Dean. He Jiaxun gave a report on the important development overview and 2028 strategy of Asia Europe Business School. He introduced that in terms of educational programs, the Asia Europe Business School has taken the lead in offering undergraduate intelligent business direction and professional master's intelligent innovation engineering direction, and has created a high-end brand management master's degree; In terms of the scale of students, the students come from 64 countries around the world, with international students accounting for 58% of the total. There are 27 countries along the the Belt and Road among the source countries; As of the end of October 2023,  61 research papers have been published in top international journals (UTD24 and FT50) and important academic journals (SSCI), with significant international academic publication achievements; In terms of academic exchange,  more than 30 world-class and renowned scholars has been invited to give lectures and courses, and the school also actively cooperated closely with Emlyon Business School in France. Including this academic conference, the school has held 5 academic frontier seminars between China and France and 9 international conferences; In terms of talent cultivation, most graduates go to world-renowned universities for further studies or work in large science and technology innovation enterprises. Subsequently, he introduced several aspects of the "2028 Strategy", including: leveraging the functions of the Lyon office, adopting a dual office linkage model, and strengthening the quality of international talent cultivation; realizing a significant increase in the scale and influence of the school, and double the number of students enrolled; implementing the system of academic exchange and scholar visits between the two sides. William Hua Wang, Dean of Emlyon Business School Asia and French Dean of Asia Europe Business School also expressed opinions on the development and future strategy of the school. The attending leaders engaged in a lively discussion.


In the academic presentations and discussions, 12 scholars from the Asia Europe Business School of East China Normal University and Emlyon Business School gave academic presentations at two parallel forums, "Marketing and Business Innovation" and "Operations Management and Finance", reporting their latest research results and engaging in in-depth exchanges and discussions to jointly explore the current status and cutting-edge development trends of business research. The conference's report covers emerging topics such as artificial intelligence and strategic management, financial technology and consumer behavior, supply chain and digital sharing economy, injecting new vitality into research in technology and business.


During the visit, the delegation also met some of the ECNU students studying in France and sent their regards to them. Currently, 75 students from East China Normal University are studying abroad at 17 universities in France. This includes undergraduate and postgraduate students, exchange students, and more in double degree program of Asia Europe Business School. The success of this visit has promoted new progress in the relationship between China and France. On this basis, the Asia Europe Business School will further expand the influence of the development of Sci&Tech Driven Business Disciplines and global talent cultivation, and move towards to a high-quality development with "2028 Strategy"