Event Review | The (24th) Enterprise Exploration Activity-Exploring BGI


On November 29th, the (24th) Enterprise Exploration Activity-Exploring BGI has been successfully held. Founded in 1999, BGI is one of the world's leading life science and genomics organizations. BGI's mission is to use genomics to benefit mankind and to be a leader in the era of life sciences. BGI follows a genomics development model of "research, production and application". With businesses in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, BGI has established cooperation and partnerships with thousands of different organizations across multi-disciplinary research areas including medical health, resource conservation and judicial services. At the same time, BGI provides equipment, technical support and solutions for the needs of national economies and people's livelihoods, such as precision medicine and precision health. BGI is committed to applying its genetic and technological achievements to real world settings in order to realize the dream of trans-omics for a better life. Led by Ding Lin, the Deputy Director of the Student and Cooperation Department of the BGI Education Center, AEBS students visited the BGI's global headquarter in Yantian, Shenzhen.

Ding Lin led the students to visit the exhibition hall, 3-D garden, laboratory, office area of the group, and introduced the basic situation of BGI global headquarter and BGI Group to everyone. Since its establishment in 1999, BGI has laid a solid foundation for genome research in China, Asia and Europe, from drawing the "China Volume" of the Human Genome Project, to researching the genomes of animals and plants such as rice, pandas, pigs, animals and silkworms, to independently controlling the core tools of life sciences - clinical level high-throughput sequencers, and actively exploring fields such as gene editing, synthetic biology, and gene therapy, It also promotes Shenzhen-the city’s international influence   in the field of life sciences.


The students also visited BGI's various agricultural innovation research achievements up close. For example, the "Duobao Solanaceous Tree", which subverts the traditional vegetable production mode, uses a new generation of grafting technology to simultaneously graft multiple varieties of herbal solanaceous crops (eggplant, tomato, Ginseng fruit fruit, etc.) onto a single tree, achieving multi product and year-round fruit bearing. For example, "perennial rice", which was selected as one of the  top ten scientific breakthroughs in Science in 2022, can be harvested like chives, saving production costs and transforming into a green and sustainable production mode. These amazing breakthrough achievements not only broadened the horizons of students, but also made everyone deeply feel the energy of innovation.

Finally, Ding Lin introduced the organizational structure of BGI Group and focused on explaining the talent training system. BGI College's mission is to “improve disciplines, industry and talents via real world projects. BGI College relies on BGI's powerful research platforms, major scientific research projects and industrial development chain to carry out an innovative genomics curriculum. BGI college is dedicated to international open education and training innovative talents that are needed for scientific research and industrial development in the life sciences.

The journeyfull of harvest has come to the end. Now, let's listen to the students' thoughts and feedback!

As a leading explorer in global biological gene sequence testing, BGI Genomics has always adhered to the innovative spirit of daring to be the first in the world since the 1990s, making tremendous contributions to China's life science gene industry. In multiple fields such as gene sequencing, advanced intelligence, and life medicine, we aim to meet the needs of the people and meet their urgent needs. Especially the BGI Education, which its founder Wang Jian focuses on developing, has trained many experts in the field of genetics for BGI nationwide. Multiple research results have been published in journals such as Nature and Science, proving to the world the exploration and wisdom of Chinese researchers.

                                                                                                           ---   Su Jingwei   (2022 HEBM )