Event Review | The (23rd) Enterprise Exploration Activity-Exploring BYD



Since 2018, Asia Europe Business School has launched a series of enterprise exploration activities. The activities aim to lead students to visit and explore well-known enterprises in various industries, which combine with Chinese industrial practice, and innovate the advanced brand management knowledge system from the perspective of " Brand Strategy in Enterprise-Level ", to cultivate and deliver leadership management talents with a global vision, cross-cultural working ability, and social responsibility.

On November 28th, The (23rd)AEBS-" Enterprise Exploration Activity-Exploring BYD"  has been successfully held. Founded in 1995, BYD is a leading technology company devoted to leveraging innovations for a better life. With more than 27 years of expertise, BYD has established itself as an industry leader in electronics, automotives, renewable energy, and rail transit. As a global leader with more than 30 industrial parks across 6 continents, BYD's zero-emission solutions, focused on energy generation and storage, are expansive and widely applicable. In this activity, the students visited and learned in depth at BYD's global headquarters in Pingshan, Shenzhen.

At BYD R&D Center, the students visited BYD's new energy vehicle exhibition hall, battery laboratory,  motor laboratory and other R&D facilities, and accessed to BYD's latest progress in technology research and development, product innovation, and market layout in the field of new energy vehicles. In addition, BYD staff also introduced its technological innovation achievements in the automotive, rail transit, battery, and electronics industry chains, as well as its competitive advantages in the global market.

After the visit, the students expressed that they had gained a lot. Let's listen and see what their thoughts and feelings are about BYD and the entire new energy industry field!

Today, we were delighted to visit BYD's global headquarters. The staff introduced BYD's e-platform, DM-i super hybrid system, blade battery, DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, commercial vehicles, and other products, showcasing BYD's exploration in "safe, intelligent, and efficient" fully automatic operation, three-dimensional transportation solutions, and future guidance systems. As students majoring in HEBM, we should have an understanding of the forefront and market of technological development in the world today, and provide intellectual support for the marketing of high-tech enterprises in the future.


                                                                                                                      Yu Xinyue (2023) HEBM

When visiting BYD, a company that leads the future, I deeply felt the power of innovative technology. Entering its modern production line and witnessing the entire process from precision parts to vehicle assembly, I have gained a more intuitive understanding of BYD's leading position and technological strength in the field of electric vehicles. Especially seeing the efficient operation of robots and intricate technological processes has left a deep impression on me of the modernization and environmental protection concepts of China's manufacturing industry. This visit not only broadened my horizons, but also stimulated my thinking about future technology and sustainable development.

                                                                                                                         Song Xi (2022) HEBM

This visit to BYD has made me feel the power of technology and the social responsibility of enterprises. A truly powerful enterprise must always stand at the forefront of technology, constantly changing, breaking through boundaries, and breaking through oneself. Meanwhile, as a green energy enterprise, BYD has also contributed to the promotion of oil to electricity conversion, which is a noble social responsibility to create a beautiful and happy life for humanity. This will also be the grand goal that BYD pursues.

 Liu Chengcai (2022) HEBM

BYD is not only a leading domestic new energy vehicle company, but also has a wide range of market operations in Europe and America. Based on technology, adhering to innovation, and doing business that meets the needs of China and the world at every market demand node. Taking on the corporate responsibility of national rejuvenation, technological development, and innovation as the foundation has given me a brand new understanding of national enterprises.

                                                                                                                     Su Jingwei (2022) HEBM

This visit has witnessed the development process of a century old enterprise. From a battery to a car, a precision instrument, to urban planning, BYD's development has deeply impressed me. BYD is an enterprise that has made profound contributions to technological development and people's well-being, and has great development prospects.

                                                                                                                Liu Hongqian (2022) HEBM