Behind-The-Scenes of TEDxAEBS - The Lead Up


About 6 months ago a group of 17 students from Asia Europe Business School started their journey of preparing and organising TEDxAEBS. This was the first TEDxAEBS and therefore a new experience for everyone. The theme of this event was “Metanoia''. Metanoia is the journey of changing one's mind, heart, self, or way of life.

As those 17 students started their own Metanoia while working on the event, the goal was not just to host a successful event for the 9 inspiring speakers, the onsite audience and the audience who followed the event over the livestream but to give the speakers and the audience an opportunity to step into their own Metanoia.


With this final goal in mind, divided into four dedicated departments, each group focused on one main point. 

The curation department, despite consisting of freshmen and sophomore students, was able to reach out to speakers from all walks of life. From founders, entrepreneurs, to martial arts specialists as well as ECNU Professors - TEDxAEBS speaker panel was a varying mix of all backgrounds and nationalities.

    Guest Speaker Award Ceremony

The marketing department let their creativity free to create professional postings across different Chinese and international platforms such as WeChat, Weibo and Instagram, to introduce TEDxAEBS comprehensively. From the event’s theme to the team behind it and the distinguished guest speakers to the final sign-up promotion posters.

Guests Note The Speaker Line Up Poster, Designed By The Marketing Team

                                                           Behind-The-Scenes Filming Pablo Rabádans Video

Many of those amazing posts couldn’t be seen without the production department, with a special mention to Diandre Coote-Anderson, who personally shot each promotional video. The rest of the production team supported by editing a wide range of videos from TEDxAEBS introduction videos, to speaker introduction videos and finally the most important videos of the speeches at the day of the event.



Preparing for the livestream and recording                     

Behind The Scenes Filming At Refuge MMA

 Diandre Coote-Anderson In Action, Behind-The-Scenes 

              Behind The Scenes of Heidi Berg’s Promotional Video Surrounding Chinese Tea

The team of volunteers assisted where help was needed. The volunteers supported many tasks before the event such as editing subtitles, managing decorations, etc. as well as during the event. No matter if they helped to check in people or supported the catering during the break.

                                                                 Guest Warmly Welcomed At The Entrance of The Event                                  

The process of preparing and hosting the event was truly a unique experience for everyone, working across departments with students from all over the world, facing diverse cultural backgrounds, as well as coordinating work from different time zones. Due to the constant support of each other, all challenges and achievements brought the team closer together.


                    Members Of The Team Grew Closer While Working on TEDXAEBS


September 10th - The Day of TEDXAEBS

As the morning of TEDx dawned, the expectant team, inspiring external volunteers and a wonderful catering company came together to power through. Various team members from different departments took on roles outside their respective responsibilities to ensure the event went smoothly - from the check in process, as well as ushering guests to their seats, to facilitating the prolonged coffee break.

   Guests Seated Awaiting The Beginning of The Talks

With the lights dimmed down, attendee’s phones resolutely turned off - the event began. The speakers were introduced with warm quips to preface their talks by the two hosts before being ushered onto the stage by the production team. The speaker lineup included thought leaders of all backgrounds: Scott Pollack, Pablo Rabádan, Justin Hourn, Heidi Berg, Professor Wu Ran, Professor Wang Kai, Deano Delpleash, Dr.JianZhong Lu and Olivia Plotnick.

Speaker Heidi Berg & Lovely Guests Posed In Front of Speaker Lineup Poster

From real-life demonstrations of calligraphy strokes, to guided meditations, to motivational dialogues shaped by heartfelt stories- this TEDx event uniquely invited all attendees to not only listen but also interactively take part. Despite each talk only lasting several minutes per TEDx guidelines, everyone was undoubtedly drawn in and given a front row seat to each speaker’s captivating points of view authentically shaped by all kinds of personal experiences - from anecdotes of physical wellness, from bridging the gap between tough situations and success, to mental barriers and health complications.

                                 Dr.Jiang Zhong Lu, China Business News Think Tank Expert ,“The Secret of Persisting”

Justin Hourn, Co Founder and Head Coach of Refuge Martial Arts,“How To Have A Life Worth Fighting For"

Deano Delpleash, High Performance Coach and Innovation Enthusiast,"Embrace The Power of Taking Imperfect Action"

Pablo Rabádan, Entrepreneur and Founder of a Startup,"Lose The Fear To Lose"

There was a range of educational talks with roots from Chinese culture to innovation. Talks encapsulated the sustainable nature of Chinese tea, delving into concepts of leadership and communication (with excellent actionable takeaways!), taking part in an interactive mindful meditation, to watching in awe as an authentic calligraphy brush swished across canvas. There was truly a key takeaway for all attendees, regardless of their professional background.

     Heidi Berg, Sustainability Director,"The Beauty of Chinese Tea: Lessons on Sustainability In A Small Cup"

Scott Pollack, CEO + Leadership Team Coach, Founder of ROGUE SCOTT Executive Advisory,"Role of The Leader in Building an Innovation Culture"

Olivia Plotnick, Founder of Wai Social ,"Do You Know Who You’re Talking to? The Key to Being Understood"

Wu Ran, Associate Professor ,"How to Use Mindfulness to Change Our Lives"

Wang Kai, Assistant Professor at GEC of ECNU and founder of Wang Kai Calligraphy Center , "Meaning and Method of Calligraphy – Significance and Teaching Experience in Eastern and Western Cultures"

There was a warm and buzzing coffee break slotted in to give guests and speakers an opportunity to chat, socialise and meet fellow attendees. Catering was done by 茶酒单, an up and coming coffee bar based in Minhang [上海市闵行区莘庄镇畹町路94-1临]. Alongside freshly brewed iced teas, lattes, americanos were warm sugar sprinkled doughnuts, chocolate tea-cakes and shrimp avocado dips presented and served by 茶酒单 team.

Guests Enjoyed The Catering Done By 茶酒单

The Selection Included Sugar Powdered Doughnuts

Servings of Avocado and Shrimp Were Among The Spread

Beverages Included a Selection of Tea and Freshly Brewed Coffee

TEDxAEBS Speakers Presented With Flowers

Following the final TEDX talk of the day, speakers were presented with handpicked flowers and personalised cards handwritten from the TEDxAEBs team to express their gratitude for their energy put into crafting their speeches. Guests were given the chance to catch up outside as the TEDXAEBS team wrapped up production and the last tasks of the day. While it was just another Sunday for some, to the TEDx team and speakers it felt like the closing of a long chapter, filled with many ups and truthfully several downs. Through everyone involved a spirit of determination, compassion and understanding. With a resolute bow from each speaker, the metaphorical curtain closed and the story of TEDxAEBS came to a close.


 Author: Petra Cassandra Brüggemann 

                                                                                                         Ella  Mary  Taylor

                                                                                                 Editor:   Juri Chen