Becoming an Innovator of the World! AEBS Students from 65 Countries Celebrated the Opening Ceremony of the 2023 Cohort and Opened a New Chapter


On September 13, the opening ceremony of the 2023 Cohort of Asia-Europe Business School  East China Normal University was successfully held in Zizhu International Education Park. He Jiaxun, Chinese Dean of AEBS, Wang Hua, French Dean of AEBS, Wu Yi, Assistant Professor, Ms. Zhang Lei, Vice President of Bayer Greater China Communications, and Ms. Yang Qingyun, student counsellor of AEBSattended the ceremony. Meanwhile, all representatives of AEBS (2023) freshmen participated in the ceremony both online and offline. The ceremony was hosted by Pan TianyueHEBM freshman and Song Min,BBA freshman. Students from 65 countries celebrated the coming semester in the fall of 2023.

                                        Positive transformation, the world of the future belongs to innovators

At the beginning of the ceremony, Dean. He Jiaxun proposed in his opening address that the future world is the world of innovators, and he hoped that the students would aspire to turn into innovators. The way of becoming an innovator might be tough and a long journey. He pointed out that innovators regardless of status and position, and no matter whether they make big deal or small clusters; innovators regardless of era and region, everyone can be the innovator and creator. How can be an innovator and creator? He gave the following advices. The first step is the transition from learner to explorer. Many students used to be learners and learning by absorb knowledge. Changing into an explorer, they should have cross-border interests, read widely, and do not frame the boundary with professional. Exploration is a key task of innovation. Secondly, shifting from being a listener to a questioner. Be brave to express ideas and opinions as well as ask questions, instead of passively listening. Learning without thinking leads to confusion. It’s necessary for students to ask questions in class and prepare questions before class. Thirdly, converting to a challenger. We are in an era full of uncertainties and challenges, we should actively embrace the change and face up to various challenges. He also stressed the importance of being an innovator, and reminding students to ask themselves, “do you have any innovative ideas or actions today? Finally, Dean. He wishes all freshmen to make continuous progress in the new stage of life and fulfill their dreams.

                                     Building a global platform and upholding a sense of social responsibility

In his opening address, Dean. Wang Hua first highlighted theremarkable increase in international diversity at AEBS. As of this year, AEBS boasts a cumulative student count of 338, and international students account for nearly 58% of the total number of students, from 65 countries and regions on six continents, including France, the United States, Italy, Russia, Brazil, New Zealand, South Korea, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Among them, 54 countries fall within the  Belt and Road region. He offered three pieces of advice for freshmen. First, he encouraged everyone to be an early maker. When faced with uncertainty, the best course of action is to learn to create opportunities like Elon Musk's disruptive innovations. Dare to challenge the status quo and venture forth as the master of their own destiny. Second, he hoped the students can promote the connection between East and West, North and South. Building friendship with peers from various programs, and bridge cultural division. Finally, he called on students to uphold a sense of social responsibility and pay attention to the delicate balance between economic development and social responsibility. The ultimate goals should revolve not merely around individual and professional development, but also around the creation of sustainable, healthy, and interconnected communities that benefit one another and the world.

Dean. Wang Hua wished everyone a successful and fulfilling experience at AEBS and looked forward to communicating with everyone at the monthly Dean Meeting.

                                            Greetings and Messages from AEBS Academic Team

“A warm welcome and greeting to all the freshmen of the 2023 cohort!”

Assistant Professor Wuyi stressed in her speech that stepping into postgraduate study would be a narrow-downed, deeper focus and more intensive process, instead of an extensive subject. Postgraduate programs typically require greater personal initiative; thus, she reminded the students to focus on their degree progress and made several suggestions. First, learn to make full use of available resources to broaden your knowledge. In addition, keep abreast of the latest developments in science and technology to continuously enhance personal critical thinking and learning abilities. She urged everyone to adopt a growth mindset, be open to new ideas, challenge conventional wisdom and think outside the box. Finally, she wished all students success in the coming semester.

Associate Professor Nikola ZIVLAK, director of the French program, welcomed all the students through an online video, and pointed out that since its establishment, AEBS has provided students with a platform for innovative development, and the students will benefit from advanced scientific and technological resources for cross-cultural exploration and learning. He welcomes all students to study at Emlyon Business School and believes that students will gain the extraordinary experience and knowledge they want. Finally, he wished all the students a happy and fulfilling experience in Shanghai.

Ms. Zhang Lei, Industry Mentor and Vice President of Communications of Bayer Greater China,emphasized in her speech that the role of business leaders is becoming significant in the era, full of uncertainty and enormous changes. Innovation is at the core of progress, not just limited to technology, but the foundation for building and sustaining great companies. Business leaders need the ability to adapt, evolve and innovate, to see obstacles as opportunities for growth, and to consistently challenge the status quo. On the other side, developing a global perspective is also a necessary for outstanding business leaders. Things in today’s world are interconnected. Digitalization has led to the disappearance of borders, but there are also conflicts and differences in cultures and values. Business leaders with a global perspective are required to exploit local markets, moreover, they ought to appreciate the diverse cultures, trends, and opportunities in the surroundings. Developing a global perspective requires breaking down barriers, seeking perspectives from different regions and contexts, embracing diversity, and fostering creativity and collaboration.

                                                                Work together in diversity and inclusiveness

Iris Lilian TAYLOR, BBA freshman representative, Chang Haiyue, BBA Chinese Class freshman representative, Zhou Jinlian, MIB freshman representative, Yu Xinyue and Christine CHEN, HEBM freshman representatives, gave speeches respectively.

In her speech, Iris Lilian TAYLOR said that AEBS consists of an extremely diverse group of students and faculty, all of whom come from different backgrounds. Its emphasis on teamwork and team building, as well as team projects and presentations, was very attractive to her. She is looking forward to learning from different students about their own strengths.

Then, Chang Haiyue said in her speech that AEBS have a group of talented and motivated students and, more importantly, many responsible teachers and knowledgeable professors. She felt very lucky to be able to study in AEBS and was looking forward to a fulfilling and colorful study life.

Zhou Jinlian said that there were many things that she could not understand when she first came to China, but she was also lucky to get much help from many teachers. She talked about the ice-breaking event held the other day, which allowed her to experience a lot of things that she had not tried before, and explore different cultures. AEBS has a multicultural environment, where she hopes to gain knowledge, learn languages, and promote personality development.

Christine CHEN said she was attracted to AEBS’s world-class programs, which were based on a practical approach rather than just theory. She expressed appreciation to have classmates from different backgrounds, and interacting with different classmates was a great opportunity to broaden the vision on the world. She hoped to promote development to her hometown Indonesia through her studies.

Yu Xinyue said in her speech that she participated in the National Summer Camp for Outstanding college students held by AEBS a year ago, and the experience of participating in and organizing business competitions had enhanced her business awareness. At the same time, lectures related to marketing also stimulated her interest in academia. All these experiences led her to pursue a master degree at AEBS. She said that AEBS is the most dynamic and diverse school in East China Normal University, providing students with a variety of opportunities and an inclusive atmosphere to realize all aspects of personal potential. The humorous Dean, Professor He, is an excellent scholar who inspires thought in the classroom in an engaging way.


                                                                         AEBS Talent Show

After all the speeches, the Class of 2023 presented a talent show. BBA freshmen Tang Zhenglin, Zhu Sheng, Tao Mengqian, Khaing Thinzali Moe brought a performance: guitar playing and singing The Brightest Star in the Night Sky. The moving melody and wonderful lyrics drove the atmosphere of the whole audience, and the students lit up their mobile phone lights, swung with the rhythm, and sang loudly. Next, BBA International freshman Davaadorj NAMKHAIDORJ brought an electric dance performance that not only showcased his talent, but also conveyed a silent power and emotion. He expressed his thoughts and emotions in dance, bringing the audience into a world full of energy and passion. Later, Yu Xinyue, HEBM student, gave a Latin dance performance. Her graceful dancing and smart expressions attracted the attention of the audience. The dance showed her talent and personality, and brought the audience into a passionate dance world.

                                                                     Admission scholarship award ceremony

After the talent show, award ceremony of 2023 International Student Scholarship was held. Dean. He Jiaxun, Dean. Wang Hua and Assistant Prof. Wu Yi presented the certificates to the international freshmen who won the top-level, second level and third level award, and took a photo with them.

At the end of the ceremony, all faculty and students took a group photo in the open space in front of the AEBS building.

It witnessed the group unity of “AEBS family”, and left a footprint of growing up together. Best wishes to the students of AEBS, the road ahead is full of hope and beauty. Let us work together to create our own glory!