Convening of the Third AEBS Joint Administration Committee Meeting


In the morning of July 12,the Third AEBS Joint Administration Committee Conference was convened at Room 301, Geographic Building, downtown campus of ECNU. The representatives of four AEBS co-founders were getting together to discuss the development of the school. Members of Joint Administration Committee, for example Chen Qun (President of East China Normal University), Bernard Belletante (Dean of emlyon business school), Tugrul Atamer (Vice Dean of emlyon business school) and Vincent Tai (CEO of Zhejiang Supor Co., Ltd), attend the conference with board chairman Bruno Bonnell of emlyon business shcool participating in telephone manner. Zhou Yunxuan (Director of International Exchange Division, ECNU) and REN Guohua, (Coucil Chairman of Faculty of Economics and Management) attend the conference, as well as persons and representatives in charge of relevant functional divisions and departments of ECNU.

During the meeting, Chen Qun, president of ECNU, pointed out that the current work of AEBS had obtained big progress in support of efforts made by four co-founders, Chinese Dean and French Dean, hoping to push forward every cause of AEBS by forming consensus on the conference on the basis of summarizing previous work.

Bernard Belletante, dean of emlyon business school, said that French delegation was very glad to attend the Third AEBS Joint Administration Committee Conference and put forward two key points on future AEBS development: the first is to strengthen cooperation between disciplines, such as cultivating new comprehensive international talent through integration of engineering course and business management; the second is to further deepen exploration in Asian business, make AEBS a messenger connecting the new silk road - Asia, Africa and Europe, build a just and flourishing business world and promote the transformation of emerging economies to innovative economy.

The Chinese Dean He Jiaxun and the French Dean William Hua Wang reported general construction progress to members of Joint Administration Committee, as well as specifically reported application of Chinese & foreign cooperative program and 2016-2018 building plan on teachers and management teams to representatives.