Launch of Enterprise Mentor System by Asia Europe Business School


On March 11, big names and management elites in business from 14 companies, along with 53 undergraduate students from AEBS BBA Program, gathered in downtown campus of ECNU to have held a meet-and-greet for enterprise mentors of Asia Europe Business School.

HE Jiaxun, Chinese Dean of Asia Europe Business School and Deputy Dean of Faculty of Economics and Management, welcomed and thanked enterprise mentors for attending the meeting.He expressed his expectation by interpreting unique values of Asia Europe Business School - Creativity, Co-creation, Cause–related responsibility, hoping that the students could practice 3C value idea of Asia Europe Business School at any moment, be full of innovative spirit and responsibility and also make efforts to achieve Value Co-creating in their future study and life.

Mentors and students were divided into groups to get face to face communication during subsequent free exchanges. Innovation entrepreneurship, marketing operation, human capital, management and leadership...Abundant practice was used into theory topic, making the collision of ideas motivate many profound insights. After fully communication with mentors, students chose the mentors they adored according to their interests and professional fields, and then delivered their calling card to the mentors to express their willingness. Finally, their mentors were determined through the two-way selection.

It is introduced that in Asia Europe Business School, each student is equipped with an enterprise mentors since the freshman year. The mentors are academic, experienced and outstanding middle-senior managers with great performance from all walks of life and they have rich management experience or entrepreneurial experience, with strong corporate social responsibility consciousness and brilliant communication skills. They will participate in a lot of guide work, such as students' practice process and project research. They will also regularly provide face-to-face guidance and questions answering for students each semester, at the same time, create opportunities for students to practice and do internships. It is known that senior executives of many enterprises are very willing to deliver their actual business experience to the young students of the School and give advice for their ability development and career planning, to help them lay a good foundation for their career development in the early stages of undergraduate study.