AEBS holds 6th Joint Administration Committee Meeting


On July 12th, Asia Europe Business School held its 6th Joint Administration Committee Meeting in Zizhu International Education Park. Tong Shijun, Chair of the University Council of East China Normal University, Zhou Yunxuan, Director of International Exchange Division, Bernard Belletante, dean of emlyon business school, Tugrul Atamer, Vice Dean of emlyon business school, Tang Jifeng, General Manager of Zizhu International Education Park and Chen Qinghua, Deputy General Manager of Zizhu International Education Park, attended the meeting. During the meeting, the Chinese Dean of AEBS He Jiaxun and French Dean William Hua Wang presented the progress report on various projects of Asia Europe Business School. There was in-depth discussion on the School’s governance structure and strategy, functional orientation and image design of the office building, operating expenses and investment, exchange program for faculty and students of the two schools, as well as operation and planning of academic programs. The Joint Administration Committee reached a consensus on the various issues.

Chinese Dean He Jiaxun presented a report to the Joint Administration Committee on governance structure and strategy including the current organization chart, faculty recruitment plan, faculty management, recruiting strategy of international students and management of intercollegiate cooperation programs, as well as functional positioning and VI of AEBS building, operating expenses and investing policies.

The Joint Administration Committee also reviewed and discussed the plans on faculty and students exchanges between the two schools, and discussed promoting exchanges and cooperation between faculty and students of the two schools, as well as other topics. Both sides reached a consensus, and signed an exchange agreement at the meeting.

Subsequently, William Hua Wang, French dean of AEBS, presented a report on the current operation and planning of AEBS Programs, to the Joint Administration Committee. As per the report, Asia Europe Business School will launch two new programs in 2018: Bachelor Program for Global and China Business Studies & Chinese Language and Master of International Business (Global Management and China Studies). The School plans to enroll the first batch of students in September 2018.

In addition, the Joint Administration Committee came to an agreement on arrangements for the opening ceremony for the 2017 freshmen batch at Asia Europe Business School, and determined the time and place for the 7th Joint Administration Committee Meeting.