AEBS ICP Officially Commenced!


On March 1st, 2018, Asia Europe Business School (AEBS) ICP (In-company Consulting Project) for BBA 2016 Class officially commenced. More than 10 enterprise experts from both foreign and domestic enterprises including SHANGHAITEX, Shanghai MAXAM Company Limited, and Impact Hub were present in their capacity as mentors. Several academic mentors from AEBS were also present along with the students at the project commencement meeting. Assistant Professor Yang Feifei from AEBS presided over the meeting. 


What is AEBS ICP(In-Company Consulting Project )

ICP is a featured course for the AEBS BBA program. The course is designed to create a real business environment for students where based on the consulting project, they will form different project teams and under joint guidance from academic and enterprise tutors, apply what they have learned in class into practice in a real business environment. This will help them obtain first-hand business experience. 

Through ICP, students will gain the following abilities:

 Data collection and analysis

 Communication and cooperation in real business environment

 Reflective learning


 Application of theories into practice

 Development of possible interpersonal relationships in workplace


ICP will enable enterprises to: 

 Gain theoretical support from academic teams for business practices

 Explore different solutions for specific problems faced by enterprises

 Gain knowledge of first-hand trends from consumer groups

 Build a good enterprise image in terms of social responsibilities

 Screen potential partners



AEBS ICP is dedicated to creating a more diversified and real business practice environment for students. Enterprises participating in the project include well-established state-owned-enterprises that focus on traditional products, private enterprises that are actively targeting international market, and Internet-based startups that provide local services, in industries such as finance, daily chemical products, medical services, garments, chemical products, and other engineering fields. 

Some of the enterprises participating in the AEBS ICP

The ICP Commencement Meeting helped student teams learn more about the project they chose, get acquainted with their enterprise and academic tutors, and make initial communication forays. 


Some enterprise and academic mentors participating in the AEBS ICP

Students listen carefully to introductions to enterprises and projects given by enterprise mentors

In-depth communication between project teams, and enterprise and academic tutors

Over the next 18 weeks, students participating in the projects will spend one day per week in the respective project company’s offices, and apply the theories they have learned, in a real business environment, under guidance from both enterprise and academic tutors.

ICP Cooperation Contact

Mrs. ZHU (PR Manager of AEBS)