The AEBS implements a double mentor system, which equips each student with academic mentors and enterprise mentors. The purpose of the Enterprise Mentor Program is to provide students with in-depth communication and learning opportunities with workplace elites from different fields, to help students establish early career awareness at the school learning stage, and to prepare the knowledge and skills needed for career development.

We would like to set up role models, improve students' professional practice abilities and bring out the character of the mentors to empower students’ academic ability and comprehensive quality through the establishment of the Enterprise Mentor System. In the meantime, we also hope to deepen the interaction between the school and the enterprises, take Enterprise Mentor Program as an opportunity to cultivate talents for enterprise. Each enterprise mentor bonds this program for an executive 2-year since appointment, and a single mentor matches 4-6 students as mentees.

The AEBS holds the Kick-off Meeting of Enterprise Mentor Program (Enterprise Mentor Meeting) every year. Students confirms their mentors at Enterprise Mentor Meeting. Since 2017, AEBS has successfully held three Enterprise Mentor Meetings for Class 2016 to 2022. As of December 2022, 113 enterprise mentors from different companies have been equipped to a total number of 334 undergraduate and postgraduate students (including foreign students).