Goodbaby Group – The First Stop of AEBS Company Discovery


AEBS unfolded the Company Discovery campaign on October 27, 2018. During the campaign, AEBS students left the classroom and went out to the real world, to practice what they had learnt and explore the real business environment. The first stop of the campaign was the Goodbaby Group, which is headquartered in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province.

Founded in 1989, Goodbaby Group is committed to meeting childcare needs and providing travel products, household products, shoes, clothes, toys, and educational products for infants and children aged from 0 to 14. Today, it has evolved into the largest full-range maternal and child-care products suppliers, retailers and service providers in China and the world at large, with products sold in 78 countries and regions. Goodbaby Group is the leader and the largest platform in China’s maternal and child-care industry.

At the beginning of the campaign, Zhu Yunlong, Senior Vice President of Goodbaby Group, shared with AEBS students the history and milestones of the company. In 1989, Goodbaby Group was innovatively and successfully transformed from a factory that was in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy. The first four-function stroller it developed was well received by the market, and made the gb brand the No. 1 best-selling stroller in China in 1993. One year later, the first international corporation of Goodbaby Group was founded in New York, the U.S., since then it has gradually expanded into the international markets, and has grown from the “Champion in China” into the “Champion in the World.” Its quality system is among the best in the world, and is recognized by Chinese quality awards such as the “Global Quality Award” and the “China Quality Award” (award nomination), and also international awards such as the “Asia Pacific Quality Award” granted by APQO.

Mr. Zhu showed AEBS students the gb Pockit Compact Stroller, a popular gb product which can be folded and reduced to the size of a briefcase in 2 steps and 3 seconds. It is comfortable to sit and lie in, has a retractable shoulder-carrying strap, and can be conveniently carried by the hands and also on one’s back. This stroller is allowed on the plains. Its practical design and considerate portability took the world by storm. Besides, Goodbaby’s high-speed car seat adopts advanced technology to challenge the world’s safety standards for child safety seats, which are set for 50km/h, which means children are kept safe even if they fall from the third floor. Goodbaby sets the standard to 80km/h, which keeps children safe even if they fall from the 8th floor. Goodbaby’s product portfolio also includes children’s wear, toys, infant’s bedding, toiletries, feeding supplies, and maternity care products.

Afterwards, Lei Zaiming, Deputy General Manager of Goodbaby Quality Center, showed AEBS students around the stroller factory, where they saw how workers methodically assembled a stroller from a heap of small parts and components, and how they conducted testing and packaging. AEBS students marveled at the efficiency of the production flow and the mechanized operations and the orderly and systematic production process. They also learnt about the “horse racing mechanism” and benchmarking of the factory, which are developed to motivate employees to improve productivity.


Students’ Impressions of the Campaign

The visit to Goodbaby Group helped widen my mental horizon. I’ve not only learnt how a company started from scratch and evolved into an industry leader, but have also taken a glimpse of the efficient semi-automatic operations in Chinese factories today. I was deeply impressed by the life story of the founder of Goodbaby Group, who was at first a teacher and then a successful entrepreneur; and also the history of the company, which was millions of RMB in debt in 1980s, became an industry leader in China in the 1990s, expanded into the international markets in 2000s, and finally grew into a global leader in the industry. It was an enlightening tour, which inspired me to have a head start and lead the industry through innovation. I couldn’t help marveling at the scale and efficiency of the factory, too, which motivates employees to work proactively through a combination of rewards and punishments, and introduces mechanics and reduces the return rate to drive the production of the entire assembly line and also the company's business operations. This study tour is really helpful to me.

—— Wang Yinfeng

I think Company Discovery is a very special experience. From listening to the introduction of the company to visiting the assembly line, I realized that the success of the Goodbaby Group is firmly grounded. First, the factory is equipped with modern facilities, and workers perform their duties carefully, which improves productivity. Second, employees conduct stringent inspections to ensure the quality of the products. I’m looking forward to more study tours of this kind.

—— Huang Anqi

This is my first visit to a company, and it is a pleasant experience. I’m impressed by the arduous pursuit of innovation and the quality of Chinese enterprises, and have also learnt about useful business management experiences, such as the horse racing mechanism on the assembly line, automated production and overseas expansion. I’m looking forward to the next stop of the campaign.

—— He Ziyi

It was a great and unique experience. I had the chance to visit a huge Chinese company and its factory. I see how this big company produce their products and how their head quarter is, which give me an idea on what is a Chinese company and the global impact of China across the world.

During the company visit, we discovered the showroom of the company, then we visit a huge factory where they produce different kinds of stroller. It was a professional company within highest standards infrastructure which proves his leadership on the market.

From this visit experience, I learn more about the juvenile industry. I know what kind of products are sold in this industry and the technology in it. I also learn how to grow by doing some strategic partnership with local foreign companies.

——Ismail MIYARA